Textkernel at HRcoreLab in Barcelona

hrcorelab logoTextkernel sponsored the 4th HRcoreLab, which was held on the 8th and 9th of March in Barcelona.

The HRcoreLAB features 3 Seminars: The Future of Recruitment, Leading with Talent and HR Agility.

How to unlock the value of your candidate database

Steven Plehier, Director of HR Transformation at Deloitte, presented a case on how to unlock the value of your candidate database at the Future of Recruitment seminar.

Steven PlehierThe use of long application forms on corporate websites in order to get structured and searchable candidate data leads to high drop-off rates in applications. Candidates expect a seamless application process which has little interruptions. On the other hand, the candidate database can only be used effectively when the data is complete, validated and correct.

The combination of a market-leading ATS solution and Textkernel’s parsing and semantic search technology enables Deloitte to make effective use of the candidate pool.

HRcoreLab presentation deloitte textkernelDeloitte showcased how they changed their application process to get more and structured candidate data directly in their Taleo system and how advanced semantic search technology allows them to better source candidate profiles.

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