Textkernel at Intelligent Machines 2015

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming more and more important in both business and society. On Tuesday March 17 2015, SNN, the Dutch Foundation for Neural Networks, organises a one day symposium entitled Intelligent Machines in Nijmegen, where an overview of recent developments in this fast evolving field will be shown.

Researchers at Textkernel will present a poster on ‘How to get the best word vectors for CV parsing’. They will explain how they use deep learning techniques to identify and categorise unknown words in CVs, optimising the overall CV parsing quality.

The symposium will provide a comprehensive overview of recent academic and industrial research in the field of Machine Learning theory and applications, with international speakers from amongst others Google Deep Mind, Cambridge University, Edinburgh University and Amazon Research Berlin.

Textkernel’s poster presentation will take place from 16.30 onwards.

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