Textkernel deepens our relationship with SAP SuccessFactors

Textkernel is proud to deepen our working relationship with SAP SuccessFactors! Partnered since 2013, our Apply-with technology is already available and used by SuccessFactors clients to improve their candidate experience and boost application rates.

Now we’re bringing a wider range of our advanced AI-powered technology to SAP SuccessFactors clients allowing them to:

  • Match before posting – Your database is full of good candidates, why search and pay externally? Saves you money and time by automatically searching your entire talent pool.
  • Automated shortlisting – When posting a job you want to find the best applications immediately. This is why Textkernel’s Match can create an automated shortlist in SAP SuccessFactors in one click.
  • Never lose a good candidate – Placing your second-best candidates has never been easier. Now you can match directly from candidate profiles SAP SuccessFactors and automatically discover additional matching jobs.
  • Automated alerts for critical job profiles – You may have certain critical job profiles that your business regularly needs to fill. Now you can create a search query matching these job profiles and receive automatic notifications for incoming talent.