Textkernel is selected for HR Innovation Slam

Textkernel is selected to participate in the HR Innovation Slam 2013 on 29 January. The HR Innovation Slam is a German competition in which innovative ideas, projects and products in the field of Human Resources will be presented to the public. The competition takes place in the form of an online webinar, where spectators can watch via their computers and vote for their favourite.

As one of the four participants, Jakub Zavrel, CEO of Textkernel, will present his new revolutionary technology in the field of matching jobs and people. Finding the right employees is difficult and time consuming. Match! by Textkernel provides automatic shortlists of candidates based on the job description. This saves HR staff time and money on finding the right employees.

The winner of the preliminary round of the HRInnovationSlam is determined by the audience. The contestant who can inspire and convince the public of his or her innovation, advances to the finals that are taking place at Zukunft Personal on 17-19 September.

innovation-slamEncourage Jakub and vote for Textkernel during the HR Slam.
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Tuesday, January 29th: 14.50-15.50 hours