Textkernel launches new Jobfeed API

Jobfeed-by-Textkernel-300x113In keeping with its overarching goal of bringing more transparency to the job market, Textkernel is releasing a new API for Jobfeed. By liberating data from the largest job database in Europe, Textkernel aims to provide a useful tool for developers to harness the power of Jobfeed’s Big Data and encourage the development of innovative third party applications.

Integrating real-time Jobfeed data

Developed to promote new uses of the Jobeed data, this RESTful API makes it possible to integrate real-time Jobfeed data directly into any application. Data on specific jobs can be easily queried using a wide range of criteria and filters. Looking to integrate a data feed of all currently open engineering jobs at master’s level in a particular region, sorted from newest to oldest? The API will return the jobs in a structured format, so that the data can easily be templated into your application.

Generating dynamic data visualisation

The API supports aggregations, given a set of search criteria, a field on which to group and a metric to compute. Showing the monthly growth of sales jobs over a period of time or visualising the average salary in the healthcare sector by region has never been that easy. Each query result is being returned in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) which enables users to dynamically generate charts, graphs and other visualisations.

Jobfeed API at the 1st HR Hackathon

The Jobfeed API will be made available to the participants of the 1st HR Hackathon organised by Eva Zils and Andreas Dittes and sponsored by Textkernel. The event which will take place on 30-31 May in Berlin, is the first of its kind to bring together the best tech talent, HR managers and recruiters to brainstorm together and develop the next generation of HR software.

The Jobfeed API is currently available for Gemany, France, The Netherlands and Belgium . Future plans for the API include aggregations on multiple fields to allow for more powerful analytics on historical job data.

For more information about Jobfeed visit www.jobfeed.com

For more technical details on the API click here