Textkernel sponsors Sourcing Summit Europe (#SOSUEU)

Textkernel-is-partner-van-SOSU-EuropeTextkernel is proud to be sponsor of the Sourcing Summit Europe (#SOSUEU) for the second year in a row. SOSU Europe is the pan-European conference focused on talent sourcing.

On 23 and 24 September, #SOSUEU will highlight the growing importance of talent sourcing and bring practitioners together to network and learn from each other. Last year, the event was a big success and the delegates were very satisfied with the event as shown by the evaluation below:


This year, Textkernel will demo its semantic search software (Search!) at #SOSUEU and show a preview of the next release: Search! 2014.3*.

Textkernel’s search software is able to semantically search internal databases for interesting candidates and support active sourcing by simultaneously searching external job boards and social media. Textkernel’s large knowledge database enables automatic searching with synonyms so you find what you are looking for instead of what you type. For more info or a demo, contact Textkernel.

Tickets to this two-day event are 599 euros. As a sponsor of #SOSUEU, Textkernel can offer its customers special discounted tickets. If you are interested in these tickets, send us an email at marketing@textkernel.com for more information.

* Mid-August, Textkernel released Search! 2014.2 – the active sourcing version.
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