Textkernel takes part in workgroup new SETU standard

SETU_logo-300x112As a specialist in processing applicant data, Textkernel is participating in the SETU workgroup for developing a Dutch standard for exchanging CVs and candidate information. SETU is the organisation developing and maintaining standards for the exchange of electronic data in the staffing industry. SETU is founded by ABU (Dutch association of temporary work agencies) and a number of staffing companies. The SETU standards are international, open standards such as HR-XML made suitable for the Dutch staffing industry. Amongst others Randstad, Manpower, Adecco, USG People and UWV (the Dutch employment agency) participate in SETU.

“We are very pleased with Textkernel’s involvement” says Dennis Krukkert, chairman of the workgroup. “Textkernel delivers a substantive contribution to the group with its expertise in this field.” Also Textkernel is enthusiastic about participating: “We have twelve years of experience in extracting and enriching information from resumes and converting this information into structured system formats of our customers and partners. We also have been working closely with various ABU members, system suppliers and of course the UWV. This group gives us the opportunity to share our knowledge and apply it in a usable standard.” says Tijs van Tilburg, Business Development Manager at Textkernel.

1214SETU is developing the standard to improve the communication between systems. When all parties exchange structured information in the SETU-format, it will improve and speed up the process. “This does not eliminate the importance of Textkernel’s extraction technology”, Tijs van Tilburg explains. Our added value comes in a step earlier, in the information exchange between the applicant and an employer, employment agency or job board. Textkernel specialises in automatic recognition, extraction, interpretation, and normalisation of information in a CV and ensures that this information gets in the system in the correct manner. The SETU standard then makes the exchange with other systems easier.”

About SETU
SETU is an organisation, founded by the ABU (Dutch association of temporary work agencies) and a number of employment agencies, responsible for the standardisation of electronic data in the staffing industry in the Netherlands. These standards ensure that systems and files can communicate well together. The standards are based on international HR-XML standards and are applied to the staffing industry in the Netherlands. SETU’s standards can be used between staffing agencies and their customers. The standards cover the whole process from inquiry, supply, contract and timesheets up to invoice. In addition, a standard for the exchange of vacancies has been developed in cooperation with the UWV. The standard for resumes and candidate information is a natural sequel to this.

About Textkernel
Textkernel specialises in information extraction and semantic searching & matching in the Human Resources sector. On the demand side, Textkernel obtains information from millions of jobs found on the web. On the supply side, Textkernel extracts relevant information from CVs and profiles on the web. Combined with semantic searching and matching, Textkernel gives a clear view of the job market. Textkernel was formed in 2001 as a private commercial R&D spin-off of research in natural language processing and machine learning at the universities of Tilburg, Antwerp and Amsterdam. Textkernel now operates internationally as one of the market leaders in its segment.