Textkernel’s R&D team on the road

If technology does its job, you should not have to worry about it, simply enjoy the benefits it brings. That is our philosophy. But behind the scenes, Textkernel is an advanced computer science, language technology and artificial intelligence R&D lab. Therefore, Textkernel is very proud that our R&D team have been presenting aspects of our research at various conferences and events.

Berlin Buzzword and our Learning to Rank research

Agnes van Belle joined Textkernel in 2014 as a research engineer, focusing on improving the retrieval and matching performance of Texternel’s semantic search and match products. In 2017 she presented her research around Learning to Rank at Berlin Buzzwords. Have a look at her full presentation and her blog article.

Learning Character-Based Phrase Representations at PyData

Carsten is a research engineer at Textkernel with a background in A.I. (machine learning, deep learning, information extraction, and image and text processing). He believes that A.I. will play an increasingly bigger role in our society and day-to-day lives, and he loves helping to shape such a future. At Textkernel he does this by improving intelligent systems that match people to jobs.

Have a look at his full presentation on YouTube from PyData.

Machine Intelligence Summit and Machine Intelligence for Matching People and Jobs

Mihai Rotaru is the Head of Research and Development at Textkernel. He leads the main R&D team which is developing the in-house Natural Language Processing pipeline and its instantiation for resume parsing (16 languages), job parsing (4 languages and 7 countries) and matching between jobs and people. On June 28th he will hold a presentation about Machine Intelligence for Matching People and Jobs at ReWork Summit.

Have a look at his blog post about CV parsing.

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