Textkernel’s Summer Update 2021

Textkernel’s Summer Update 2021

What a year it has been already. 2021 promised to be an uncertain, yet hopeful, time, and the Textkernel team have been hard at work on improving our products and services. Read more below on the latest product updates and enhancements released between January 2021 and July 2021:

Experience Levels

We now infer candidate experience level from parsing a CV/Resume or job description. This new metadata boosts the accuracy of matches between people and jobs. It also provides an additional insight dimension on which you can analyze your talent data.

For talent profiles, the level is inferred for the current field of work, which is represented on the Textkernel Professions Taxonomy. The addition of the new fields requires a re-configuration of your data model. If you would like your Extract and/or Search & Match account to be upgraded with Experience Levels, please contact your account manager.

Experience levels will also be added to Jobfeed later this year, so that you can analyze demand on this additional dimension in up to 10 countries.

Example of a Match query containing experience level

Professions & Skills

Create a more comprehensive talent inventory by normalizing not only your skills, but also your job titles, against a standard taxonomy. The professions taxonomy was already available in Extract! and Jobfeed. Now you can also send your job titles to Textkernel’s new Professions API and get normalized titles back from the Textkernel, O*NET or ISCO standards. The API also provides semantic autocompletions which you can use to build taxonomy-based profiles with a recruiter, candidate or employee in the loop. 

Example input and output of job title classification using the Professions API

Profession and Skill classifications are valuable tools to understand the connection between professions and skills. For example, if you are interested in recommending alternative career paths to candidates. For this reason, we are developing an API from which you can retrieve those associations. Stay tuned for more news on this front.

The new Professions API also comes with more accurate classification of job titles by leveraging new AI technologies that better capture the meaning of a job title. This improvement will also be rolled out to Jobfeed, Extract! and Search & Match! in the coming months.

New UX for Jobfeed and External Candidate Search

As part of our ongoing initiative to improve User Experience, we have been working on upgrading Jobfeed and External Candidate Search. 

The new User Experience for Jobfeed makes it more convenient to find job leads. Jobfeed Insights are also being upgraded and the first new insights are already available. The new UX is currently in beta and is available to all users of the Jobfeed Portal.

The new Jobfeed Insights for organizations

The new External Search UX enables you to search for candidates across multiple sources from within your ATS/CRM. You can fine-tune the query for each individual source, and you can receive notifications of new candidates that match your search criteria. 

The new UX is currently in beta and covers US & UK sources. It is also available standalone, without Search & Match. If you would like to try it or provide early feedback, please contact your account manager.

The new External Search UI (with mock data)

Jobfeed Data Enhancements

To identify more staffing agencies in Jobfeed, we’ve developed a new multi-step Deep Learning AI system which results in much better accuracy and data consistency.  In August, we’ll share a closer look at the R&D effort that went into initiative. Several other fields were improved, in particular location data. And to further improve the coverage of company websites, we’ve added over 350,000 sites to the spider since the beginning of 2021, across the 10 countries covered by Jobfeed.

Parsing and Skills Enhancements

We are continuously improving our taxonomies to recognize more titles and skills and improve classification. Since the beginning of this year we have added over 220 new skills, and over 7,500 synonyms across 6 languages. The professions taxonomy has been enriched with over 40 new professions and 1,400 new synonyms.

We’re seeing increasing amounts of “creative” CVs/Resumes that are challenging to parse well due to their structure. Currently we are working on improving parsing of documents that contain sidebars. 

Salesforce Integration Toolkit

Our new toolkit for Salesforce enables you to quickly integrate Textkernel into Salesforce. The integration framework implements the core integration features, so that you can easily configure the integration, but you don’t need to write and maintain code to integrate with Textkernel APIs.  This allows you to focus your energy on the Salesforce workflow customizations.

Our App has passed Salesforce’s rigorous Security Review, giving you confidence in the integration security.  Currently the integration supports these products: CV/Resume Parsing (for recruiters), Search & Match and Jobfeed. For more details, please visit our marketplace listing on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Additional UI Integration options using OpenID Connect

Through the Textkernel Portal, you can embed the Search & Match UI and the Jobfeed UI within your own application. We’ve launched support for OpenID Connect for Single Sign-On, which provides a quick and easy way to automatically sign in your users to the Textkernel applications.

Data Security Re-Assessment

Being ISO 207001 certified is not a one-and-done exercise. We recently were re-assessed during a planned surveillance audit to ensure that our high standards hadn’t dropped, and we are proud to announce that we passed!  Not sure what this is all about? Our CTO and Security Officer explain it all in this short video

Interested in more details about our releases?  Please visit our Release Notes pages.