The impact of COVID-19 on the US Job market

The impact of COVID-19 on the US Job market

The impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the US job market is unprecedented. Textkernel and CareerBuilder have teamed up to share labor market insight into how Coronavirus impacts job inventory, top jobs currently available, top hiring employers and more.

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Overall job inventory is down, but these employers are leading the way in staffing up to meet demand in industries like Logistics, Insurance, Food Retail and Healthcare.

There are employment opportunities available for a range of skill sets. 5 of the top 20 jobs available now are in the healthcare industry, 5 relate to sales and customer service, 4 require driving and delivery of goods.

Job inventory is down across all industries. Information Technology, Retail Trade and Wholesale Trade are showing the least amount of disruption.

The demand for all healthcare-related workers is up – but, critical care positions are more than 2x in need as COVID cases exponentially rise in the US.

We’ve seen certain pockets of demand in the Transportation & Warehousing industry, but as a whole it’s down 45% from the 3-year average.

Mississippi, Kentucky and West Virginia are seeing the biggest dips in job postings by state.

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