The UK job market online in Q3 2017

In the third quarter of 2017 Jobfeed collected 11,6 million vacancies online in the UK. After de-duplication, this produced an overall figure of 2.35 million unique vacancies, which is an increase of 0.6% compared to the third quarter of 2016.

The sector with the biggest demand continued to be healthcare with 17,6% of total market share experiencing an increase of 1,2% year-on-year. One of Brexit’s promises was to make the healthcare system better. The slogan: “We send the EU 350 GBP million a week, let’s fund our NHS instead” was printed on busses driving around the UK. However, this promise never took place. Instead, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) underpins that the healthcare sector was becoming “highly susceptible to the ongoing uncertainty around the future immigration policy.” Mirroring the increasing demand for staff in the healthcare sector found by Jobfeed in Q3 2017, employers within this sector expect an increasing shortage of appropriate candidates this year as they told “The Times”. Kevin Green, chief executive of the REC, calls this trend “very worrying” and expresses his concerns about “severe consequences”.

This labour market analysis was carried out using Jobfeed, the big data tool from Textkernel. Every day Jobfeed trawls the web collecting information on millions of jobs across the United Kingdom and around the globe.

Among the main highlights from Q3 2017:

  • Healthcare continues to increase its demand for workforce being the sector with the most job postings in the market.
  • In this context the demand for Nurses increase 3% compared to Q3 2016.
  • Despite losses of market share, more than 90% of all job postings in the UK come from England. From all over the UK, London has the biggest demand.

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The UK job market online - Q3

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