Trends and Forecasts for the European ICT Professional and Digital Leadership Labour Markets

The demand for e-skills keeps growing at a tremendous pace. According to a recent working paper by Textkernel’s partner empirica, the European labour market is projected to grow by more than 670,000 new jobs in 2020, but it could absorb another 756,000 ICT practitioners if only sufficient supply were in sight.

In order to remain innovative as an economy, skilled workers need to be available and especially e-skills are in high demand. Together with Jobfeed, empirica analysed a massive set of online job data that mapped to the definition of ICT jobs in order to estimate the number of open posts for ICT professionals. A special focus was set on leaders and management roles with ICT skills, the so-called e-Leaders. Jobfeed identified 373,000 open vacancies in October 2015 which fulfilled the requirements of e-Leadership.

empirica gathered  skills and keywords which define an “e-Leader” in different languages. Jobfeed used these to calculate the number of active online  jobs in their databases. As a result numbers of active jobs from the different labour markets were delivered for empirica’s report.

Read the full report from empirca.

empirica_logoempirica is a private research and consultancy firm supporting innovation with new information technology across a wide, international area of economic activity including eHealth Research & Innovation, eCare & the Ageing Society, eSkills & Work, inclusive Society, Research & Innovation as well as Energy.

Jobfeed collects and structures online vacancies from different European countries. Because of its categorisation and structure, detailed labour market analysis can be conducted both real time and historically. Especially for labour market analyst, federal labour agencies, governments and larger staffing agencies, it is important to gain a deeper knowledge of their market.

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