Trends in HR and recruitment vacancies in the UK over 2016 (infographic)

In 2016, there were 260,518 HR and recruitment vacancies published online, according to research from Jobfeed, the searchable job database for lead generation, competitive insight and labour market analysis by Textkernel. 43% of these vacancies were for recruitment roles.

Recruitment is followed by HR support and payroll administration (28%), HR (19%) and Training and career development (10%). Recruitment adviser was the most advertised position.

Growth in recruitment vacancies

Looking at relative trends of these HR and recruitment job roles in the last year, you can see some differences per quarter. The number of recruitment vacancies showed an increase, especially in the last half of 2016. Its market share increased to 45% in Q4, from only 41% in Q2. The other roles stayed relatively stable.

Recruitment is marketing

Marketing was the most used buzzword in HR and recruitment jobs, followed by sourcing, social media, talent management and talent acquisition. Employer branding and candidate journey on the other hand, only appeared a few times. Curious about other buzzwords? Contact us!

England: the place to be for HR and recruitment jobs

Whereas 91.5% of all online jobs were offered in England, this percentage was even higher for HR and recruitment jobs: 93.2%. Scotland offered 3.7% of HR and recruitment jobs (vs 4.7% of all online jobs in the UK), Wales 1.8% (vs 2.4%) and Northern Ireland 1.3% (vs 1.4%).

Looking at the top regions, unsurprisingly, Greater London was the area offering the most HR jobs with 29.1% of all online HR and recruitment jobs, compared to 24.7% of all online jobs. A striking anomaly in this top 5 was number 4 Hertfordshire. This region offered 2.7% of all HR jobs, while overall it only offered 2.3% of the online jobs.


For a visual representation, check out the infographic below. Contact Textkernel for more information or request a free trial account for Jobfeed, the searchable job database for lead generation, competitive insight and labour market analysis.

HR and recruitment vacancies in the UK in 2016 - Source: Jobfeed

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