White paper: A Northern European Perspective on the Online Candidate Experience

From the candidate’s perspective, it appears commonsensical that if you can shop, bank or place your house on the market via your phone or tablet, you really should be able to search and apply, professionally, for work through the same means.

Whilst legacy recruitment processes edge forward, a whole new industry is emerging – those enabling the Human Cloud – bringing the principles of ecommerce to the world of work.

Benchmarking your recruitment process against peers no longer creates a high enough attainment bar. Through the use of advanced technologies interfaces – aimed at reducing the time it takes to create a more valuable and searchable profile – employers are able to swiftly and dramatically improve the Candidate Experience without disruption.

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The white paper: A Northern European Perspective on the Online Candidate Experience, written by Belinda Johnson of Worklab, will discuss the urgency of the Candidate Experience, the current practice in 5 northern European countries and takes a closer look at the technological solutions already available.
The white paper will be available early 2016.

Rapport: De online vacaturemarkt in Nederland in 2015

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