Hoofd R&D Mihai Rotaru op de Machine Intelligence Summit

Ons R&D team heeft een grote passie voor Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, advanced Computer Science and Language Technology. Ze spreken geregeld op events en conferenties over Textkernel’s meest recente R&D-werk. Deze week is Mihai Rotaru, Head R&D bij Textkernel, te gast op de Machine Intelligence Summit in Amsterdam. We vroegen hem waar hij over zal presenteren en hoe hij en zijn team hun academische onderzoekswerk vertalen naar het ontwikkelen van state-of-the-art tools voor HR en recruitment.

What will you be speaking about?
I will discuss how Machine Learning and Deep Learning are revolutionising the tooling for matching people and jobs. In particular, I will talk about several exciting results coming out of current Textkernel R&D projects. Using Deep Learning, we are getting very close to releasing our next-generation (CV and job ads) document understanding models. We are seeing great improvements in performance and robustness. I will also present experimental work in building a language-independent resume parsing system similar to Google’s universal machine translation system. On the searching and matching side, I will describe how relevance can be improved and customised via Learning to Rank.

Why is this important or interesting?
For a general audience, this talk will show how state-of-the-art academic research is translated to industry settings, in particular for the HR domain. As a company with strong academic roots, we maintain close ties with the academic community and see them as fundamental for bringing the best products to the market. Technology enthusiasts will get a chance to peek under the hood of Textkernel products and learn more about the challenges behind a seamless match experience.

How can HR and recruitment benefit from all of this?
Successful matching of people and jobs has three crucial ingredients: document understanding, powerful searching and HR domain knowledge. This talk will show how Textkernel’s R&D is improving the performance in each of these dimensions. Our goal has always been to develop technology that works so well that you will not even notice it. Our R&D work enables us to continually develop our products and keep up with this goal. This work is putting us even closer to this goal!

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