How CCL cut costs and reduced its sourcing time by 50% in Bullhorn
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How CCL cut costs and reduced its sourcing time by 50% in Bullhorn

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Reduced sourcing time and saved costs

CCL is a pure-play oil & gas recruitment business that has been around for 35 years. CCL integrated Textkernel’s CV parsing, semantic search and matching technology with Bullhorn to save time on sourcing and cut costs by easily training new recruiters on the job.

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CCL Global

About CCL

Clients use agencies like CCL to hire Engineers and Managers who have existing experience with rare technologies and sectors, to reduce risk and avoid expensive training costs.

The Challenge

Speed and accurate matching

Speed is also essential, in what can be a CV race, making sure they find the right candidate faster than the competition. In order to be competitive as well as cost-effective, CCL started looking for a solution that could help them speed up their time to source.

The Approach

Textkernel’s semantic search and matching to Bullhorn

CCL has been using Bullhorn, a market-leading CRM system, and added Textkernel’s semantic search and matching technology for automated ranking and accurate results. The technology can automatically turn job requisitions into search queries, semantically search the database and include synonyms to find the best candidate matches.

This has helped CCL reduce their time to resource vacancies and less experienced recruiters are able to build up knowledge on the job.

The Result

By using Textkernel’s semantic search and matching software, CCL was able to reduce its sourcing time by about 50%, allowing more time for business development. Not only does CCL save time on sourcing and is better able to compete in the CV race, its junior recruiters are enabled by Textkernel’s technology to learn on the job. Instead of having them first take a three-day training course, they can get straight to their desks and immediately phone the top 10 candidate matches that Textkernel provides.

The Benefits

Reduced sourcing time and saved costs

Reducing sourcing time by 50%

Provide more time
for business development

Save costs on training junior recruiters

Product Spotlight

Personalised semantic search

Textkernel offers an extensive database of synonyms and related terms that are automatically added to the user’s search query. This enables semantic and intelligent searching.

Operating in a very niche market, CCL had the need to customise the taxonomy. They developed their own dictionary to include very specific terms and skills from the oil and gas industry. Textkernel takes a unique white-box approach. It makes the dictionary and the reason for matches visible and directly integrates this with Bullhorn.

Textkernel’s software also allows individual users to personalise their semantic search results. By being able to add their own synonyms, related terms and to create categories, users can make sure they find what they are looking for and save time on their next search.

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