Supercharge your SAP SuccessFactors!

Supercharge your SAP SuccessFactors!


The ability of organizations to attract, engage and retain talent and skilled employees is fast becoming one of the most important strategic assets. Today, companies are looking to unlock more value from talent as a business-critical competitive advantage by hiring faster, better than their competitors and then by retaining their talented staff.

How powerful machine intelligence helps overcome these challenges

The good news: technology can help you overcome these critical business challenges. Our semantic technologies accelerate several HR workflow processes to improve your candidate-to-employee experience and let your HR team to deliver better results in less time. We enrich the talent database at your fingertips and at the same time, greatly enhancing your search capabilities so your recruiters can easily surface skills already available in-house.

AI-powered search & match seamlessly integrated into your SAP Successfactors environment enables you to:

✓ Match your vacancy before posting online – saving promotional budget
✓ Automate candidate shortlisting
✓ Match your Silver medalists to alternative roles
✓ Automated alerting for critical skills


Labor market insights to help build a future-proof Talent Strategy

Forecast talent demand with real-time and historical labor market data. Understand emerging skills and roles, identify future skill requirements and combine with your organization’s skills to build a future-proof Talent Management strategy. Monitor key competitor hiring trends to stay on top of the game.

Improve the employee experience

Offboarding employees is often a difficult and painful experience – both for the employee and the HR organization. And yet, in today’s rapidly changing economic landscape, it is something a lot of companies have to do. 

Textkernel’s portfolio of AI-powered tools can improve the employee experience by helping them quickly find new external opportunities. Employees can easily and accurately match their skill set and experiences with open jobs in the market, so that employees can quickly land on their feet.

One-click applications directly in SAP Successfactors

Looking to convert more candidates by eliminating long and complex registration processes? We can help! Our Quick Apply for SAP SuccessFactors gives you the ability to dramatically reduce the number of steps and time required to apply.

Learn from another customer

Learn how dm, a global German-based retailer with annual revenue of over €10 billion, was able to increase the number of candidates that completed their online application process.