Webinar | How AI supports Diversity Recruitment Strategies


Reducing Bias to increase Diversity in the hiring process with the support of AI

Diversity and Inclusion is not a new HR topic. On the contrary, there are significant bodies of well-documented research (for example McKinsey‘s recent research, Diversity Wins) and the conclusions are clear.  Diversity drives economic growth, consumer preference, and helps to recruit a more qualified workforce. Diversity also reduces employee turnover and fosters innovation internally.

Ruth Moquer-Torcy, Alliance & Partnership Manager SEU and Mihai Rotaru, Head of R&D at Textkernel will explain what could be the role of AI in bias mitigation in recruitment, talent management, candidate attraction, to enhance Diversity and Inclusion.

In this webinar we will share our thoughts on:

  • What are Diversity and Inclusion
  • How D&I are impacting organizations
  • D&I in Talent Acquisition
  • Overcoming implicit bias that impact recruitment with AI
  • How to select a partner for your investments and projects in AI
  • What are the risks and how to be aware of them

Webinar | 22 Sept | 4 PM CEST | 45 min