Webinar | How to drive User Adoption of New Technology

Top strategies to help employees adopt new tech

Keeping up with technology is something executives believe is essential to produce even more significant results in the form of increased efficiency and productivity, greater corporate security, marked competitive advantages, happier employees, and more. However, operationalizing digital initiatives is often harder than most companies can imagine.

Organizations often invest so much in acquiring new technology but face major proper user adoption which is the biggest obstacle that impedes the success of a project. Application leaders should embrace strategies to enhance user adoption and avoid repeating past mistakes.

So, how can you properly drive User Adoption of New Technology among your team?

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define the baseline of your current User Adoption level
  • Make a strategy plan for your Adoption program
  • Measure and monitor User Adoption efforts

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Webinar | 20 May | 16:00 CEST