Grab sourcing by the horns

Grab sourcing by the horns

Source 14 million active US profiles with Resume-Library

We’ve teamed up with Resume-Library on an exciting new search integration, so you can make more hires! With 14 million active profiles and 600,000 new resumes registered monthly Resume-Library is a great source to help increase your number of hires. This additional source is directly available via Textkernel in Bullhorn.


Key benefits include:

✓ Access over 14 million resumes, including 600,000 new resumes registered monthly
✓ Your entire team can search an unlimited number of candidates
✓ Only pay when you unlock a resume to reveal contact details
✓ Receive dedicated account management to help you hire faster

The Resume-Library external source will be available from January 21st.

We’re happy to activate your free teaser for Resume-Library. To have this enabled please contact our support desk via We’re happy to help!