Textkernel Source enables recruiters to search across multiple external talent databases simultaneously from within their own ATS or CRM, and save relevant candidate profiles into their own database.

Jobfeed for labor market analytics. Deeply understand current and historical labor market trends. Analyze local hiring needs by profession, job category, skill, city, region, company name and other firmographic information. Aggregate by year, week, month and beyond. https://www.textkernel.com/jobfeed-analytics/

Jobfeed page https://www.jobfeed.com/

Jobfeed for lead generation

Turn millions of job postings into your business development dashboard. Staffing and Recruiting agencies need to pivot their strategy to find organizations that are still hiring, and then provide them with the best talent. https://www.textkernel.com/staffing-recruiting-find-the-right-business-opportunities-during-economic-downturn/

The largest searchable job database for Lead Generation, Labour Market Analytics, Skills Demand Data and Outplacement

Over 1 billion current and historical job postings in one central tool.

How Jobfeed works

Jobfeed is Textkernel’s Big Data tool that automatically searches the Internet for new job ads every day. The jobs found are automatically entered in Jobfeed according to criteria such as job title, required qualifications, location and company name. The data is also enriched, for example with profession and skill taxonomies, industry and other company data. The user-friendly Jobfeed portal makes it easy to search for all jobs, produce analyses, identify sales leads and set up job alerts.


Matching with all online jobs

By combining Jobfeed with Match!, not only can you spot opportunities in the market, you can also find the best candidates for the jobs. Additionally, you can easily match a profile to all online jobs so you can quickly find that relevant job for your candidate, client or employee.