How Textkernel and Akyla will be key to improving redeployment rates

With increasing competition for talent improving candidate redeployment rates is an important goal for staffing agencies that deal with flex employment. However, knowledge about candidate availability and job fit are often missing in their systems. With this year’s acquisition of Akyla, Textkernel will be able to close this knowledge gap. We explain why Textkernel acquired Akyla and what steps you can expect from the cooperation in the future. 

In June 2022, Textkernel acquired the software company Akyla, a Dutch company considered a true best-of-breed solutions provider offering mid-office platform solutions for automated redeployment, efficient management of flex workers, time management and document processing.

Staffing organizations are currently experiencing a tough candidate shortage in the labor market. This situation will become more critical in the coming years due to workforce demographic changes in most western societies. In this situation, recruitment is becoming more and more expensive and time intensive. Candidates are precious and staffing agencies will want to have a high redeployment rate instead of continuing a post-and-pray methodology followed by time intensive recruitment processes. However, information about candidate availability – crucial for a successful redeployment – is often missing in front office systems where recruitment takes place.

The right data for smart business decisions

Textkernel’s acquisition of Akyla will add to our suite of solutions enabling staffing agencies to turn data into knowledge for smarter business decisions. As a mid office software solution, Akyla’s solutions assist customers in administrative tasks like onboarding, hourly registration, time interpretation, digital signing or vendor management. The Akyla solution connects front and back office systems and has direct access to both candidates and employers via a mobile app. They know when an assignment is ending and a candidate will become available.

Based on this data, customers using Akyla and Textkernel will benefit from matching results that are more tailored to their processes and the availability of candidates. They will be able to offer new opportunities to candidates at the right time, increase retention and avoid repeating the cost and time intensive recruitment, interviewing, selection and onboarding processes.

Combining the best matching engine and the best mid office system will positively impact the candidate engagement as well as the candidate experience and eventually result in lower turnover, better fill rates, lower cost-per-hire, lower time-to-hire. And apart from the staffing companies, the candidates will also benefit from a better redeployment: less financial risk and uncertainty which will result in a better image for staffing companies.

The end of 2022 is near: Time to reflect, celebrate, recharge, and plan for the new year!

The end of 2022 is fast approaching. Emerging trends in candidate expectations, competitive job advertising, and data-driven capabilities have created more challenges and opportunities for HR professionals than ever before. We understand that to stay abreast with developments in the market our customers need to make quick informed decisions, and that our products need to make talent and labor market data meaningful and actionable. This requires continuous product investments and enhancements.  We are excited to close off 2022 by sharing the highlights of Textkernel’s recent and upcoming product enhancements, helping you to better understand, connect and analyze people and jobs.

Understand – Capture and maintain an up-to-date view of the talent landscape

It all starts with…processing and understanding unstructured candidate information and documentation into structured data that can be used to filter, search and rank candidates information. Our Resume/ CV parser tool enables you to automate candidate data processing for a faster, more efficient and more accurate process. What’s new…?

  • We now support a whopping 25 languages for data extraction at a high accuracy level. Our most recent language additions include Chinese and Hebrew
  • We’ve made significant increases to parsing accuracy; the latest including resumes from Romania, Colombia, Brazil and Portugal. See our testing results compared to our competitors.
  • Instead of extracting one big list of skills, you will now see extracted skills associated with the work history, enhancing the relevance of the skills listed.   
  • All customers now benefit from 80% more skills extracted, up to 20% reduction of noise, automatic future updates and skill normalization due to the upgrade to our skills parsing framework version 2.

Data on people and jobs tends to be messy: skills and job titles can be worded in different ways, and information might be locked in different sources and/or formats. Textkernel’s Data Enrichment APIs help standardizeand enrich job and skill data when parsing a Resume/Job. What’s new…?

  • We’ve added 9 more new languages to the skills taxonomy!
  • Supporting you to be compliant with local regulations, the professions taxonomy has been upgraded to support O*NET 2019 and local taxonomies in Germany, the UK and The Netherlands.

Connect – Make data actionable to match people and jobs better

Our Search! & Match! tools save you hours in sourcing and ranking the right candidates to jobs and visa versa.  Begin leveraging the value of your internal database and/or run a single search against multiple external sources. With a single click, an automated search can be created, based on a profile matched against internal jobs or matched against direct employer jobs on the market through Jobfeed. What’s new…?:

  • Finding similar candidates (candidate-to-candidate matching) has been refreshed and improved, offering you yet another way of efficiently connecting people and jobs better.
  • Matching is even more accurate with a focus on specific aspects of the candidate. In our dynamic templates it is now possible to generate preferred queries. For instance, education is very important for recent graduates, while it is less important when looking for very experienced candidates.
  • Bulk actions on a large amount of search or match results will soon be much easier to perform! 
  • Source’ is our new, stand alone and simplified product for searching across multiple external candidate databases
  • With private data analytics, it’s easy to compare your private data against the market demand. Now you can load data from your Textkernel Search index with enriched and normalized data from our taxonomies into your data warehouse to analyze easier. 
  • Coming up, web profiles can soon be imported with a single click using our browser extension.
  • To save you even more time, we will soon launch a new Automation API which can   auto-match candidates and jobs without you even asking for it!

Analyze –  Expose data to strategize at an individual and organizational level

The only way to stay ahead of competition in tight markets is to respond faster. Jobfeed provides realtime market insights which enable you to identify growth opportunities, differentiate yourself from competition, and dramatically save time and effort. We power you with excellent market expertise, competitor intel, and visibility into rapidly changing trends.
What’s new…?

  • We continuously increase our data accuracy, latest accuracy updates include salaries and locations.
  • Jobfeed is now available for 11 countries with our latest addition, Switzerland.      
  • We are not done with adding countries, coming up: Australia, New Zealand and Japan.
  • Improved candidate experience with the Apply URL added to the data model.
  • Better display and increased user friendliness with our markdown formatting 
  • New and improved Jobfeed user interface will be ready soon!

We work with the best in the business

Over a hundred partners across the globe offer Textkernel’s state-of-the-art AI-powered technology, from local champions to big international players like Salesforce, Bullhorn, SAP, Cornerstone, and Oracle. And we’re constantly growing our ecosystem. We are proud to share some significant enhancements in our Salesforce Connector;

  • Implemented support so you can easily source and import external candidates into Salesforce
  • Widgets to display best matches inside Salesforce right alongside the candidate or vacancy
  • You can now easily import Jobfeed leads into Salesforce

We sincerely hope you share our enthusiasm! Feeling motivated and inspired to create your talent acquisition strategy for the year ahead? Read through our 4 recommendations for nailing your 2023 plan in between cherished moments with your loved ones this holiday season.

If you need assistance along the way, be sure to reach out via email at for a helping hand. Cheers to your success in 2023 and beyond!

Jobfeed new country announcement – Switzerland

Swiss labor market data now available in Jobfeed

Textkernel’s labor market analytics tool Jobfeed is now available for the Swiss job market. Being a multilingual country with higher salaries than other markets and a record-low unemployment rate, Switzerland is a very special labor market to analyze. We have done a deep dive into our data to introduce you to the Swiss job market statistics.

Jobfeed crawls over 1.000 Swiss websites and provides historic data from 130.000 organizations. The tool shows a total number of 270.000 open vacancies in Switzerland with 1,4 open vacancies per jobseeker. This record level of staff shortage is starting to threaten the country’s prosperity according to Swiss media sources. The situation is likely to change for the worse as a huge number of employees is going to retire in the next few years, leaving Switzerland with a lack of 1.2 million workers by 2035.

The Swiss job market in a nutshell

Let’s go for a quick data dive and discover some characteristics of the Swiss labor market that Jobfeed delivers to you with just a few clicks in a personalized and automated way.



Who is posting jobs in Switzerland?

Jobfeed enables you to differentiate Direct Employers from Staffing organizations which makes it the perfect tool for recruiters trying to generate new business opportunities online. In Switzerland, roughly 34% of the vacancies are published by Staffing Agencies. Compared to other European markets, this percentage for job ads posted by Staffing Agencies is relatively low (roughly 50/50 in Germany or France).

Which positions are most in demand?

Nurses are by far the most needed profession in Switzerland representing over 2% of the Swiss vacancies. If we add the Nursing assistants to this (ranking third) the percentage is even higher with 3.4%. This is a huge issue for the Swiss labor market and the shortage of caregiving professionals might even increase in the following years. Three IT professions (Software Engineers, System Engineers or SAP Consultants) are amongst the Top 10 most needed professions, too.



Identifying skill trends in Switzerland

Jobfeed covers all the skills that are requested online and makes them analyzable in a user friendly way. With this, you can easily identify skill trends and roles that are in high demand and adapt promptly to market changes. Let’s take a look at the required soft skills for the much needed profession Nurse and compare it with the French and German labor market. It is interesting to see that job ads in Switzerland make less mention of team work or interpersonal skills, but rather highlight the management of stress and adaptability skills.



Regarding professional skills, Swiss job ads tend to highlight lots of different key areas. Skills like “Multidisciplinary Approach”, “Long-Term Care”, “Nursing” and “Medical Records” are all at roughly 20%. Job descriptions in Germany and France seem to be more general with the very broad skill “Nursing” being by far the most important. 



About Jobfeed

Jobfeed Switzerland provides realtime market insights which enable you to identify growth opportunities, differentiate from competition and dramatically save time and effort. We power you with excellent market expertise, competitor intel and visibility in rapidly changing trends. So in a few clicks you can:;

  • Identify new customers for your staffing services
  • React to skill trends and high demand roles
  • Keep track of competition 
  • Build stronger customer relations 
  • Identify gaps in your market share

and much more… 

Check out the new Jobfeed for Switzerland now!

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