Resume Matching on your career portal – transform candidate experience and boost recruiter efficiency

For many companies, career portals form the centre of their recruiting efforts. But often the candidate’s journey ends shortly after it begins due to a poor candidate experience fraught with long forms, manual data entry and slow turnaround times.

Companies looking to transform their candidate experience and boost recruiter efficiency should consider AI-powered matching to connect candidates with recruiters quicker and more accurately than ever before.

Candidate Experience – your top priority

Candidates are used to exceptional user experiences in almost every aspect of their lives, and expect career portals to maintain the same high standard. If Google gives them accurate, relevant answers to their questions why should they expect any less from your site?

And, once they’ve found the right job(s), they want to follow a seamless application process with as little data entry as possible. After all, long forms scare off good candidates, and no one appreciates the duplicate work of filling out their personal and employment history details on your career portal when they’re already found on the resume.

Efficient recruiting helps maximize your candidate pipeline

Recruiters can find handling thousands of applications overwhelming, particularly if they work at a company considered a “dream employer” where applications keep coming and the pipeline never dries up. And that doesn’t begin to include the overhead from unsolicited resumes that come through email, LinkedIn messages and other channels.

So, how do recruiters rapidly identify the all-star candidate profiles that perfectly match priority vacancies and get them in touch with hiring managers before the competition?

Automatically match resumes directly on your career portal to connect top candidates with recruiters faster

Resume Matching can be integrated directly into the front end of your career portal with little to no impact on your tech stack and brings a host of benefits. Candidates can upload their resumes to the portal and automatically match their data with open positions. The result: candidates receive a shortlist of the best matching roles in just a few clicks, and can clearly see why the system suggests them as a good fit.

And this automated resume matching tool isn’t based on simple keywords either – it’s powered by the most accurate AI-powered matching solution available – trusted by thousands of Corporates and Staffing/Recruiting agencies across the globe.

Improve the quality of your pipeline and improve time-to-hire

Recruiters also benefit by receiving more relevant applications for their roles. By suggesting roles to candidates and highlighting which of those roles would be a great match for them, you reduced the number of open or unsolicited applications coming through. This boosts pipeline quality and makes it easier to identify talent that should be connected with hiring managers as a priority.

And it doesn’t need to stop there, companies like ARTS use automated resume parsing and matching to reduce manual recruiter work by 50%.

While Colas increased its candidate conversion rate by 440%!

In fact, there is an entire Ecosystem of Human Capital Management that can benefit from accurate and efficient matching of people and jobs: