Understand – Analyze – Connect

Discover Machine Intelligence for bringing People and Jobs together

Gerard Mulder, President EMEA at CareerBuilder, Discusses how AI can make talent acquisition easier and faster:

"The way I like to summarize is – AI can help us understand the data..."

“And, I don’t mean just a job or a resume, what I mean is understand all the data about a person or about a company in a broader context, across multiple systems that hold really relevant information.”

“By understanding the data, we get the ability to analyze it. And, if you remember what I explained about Deep Learning and its ability to also do predictive analytics, it becomes very interesting to take this data and start, for instance, suggesting things you should learn to progress your career. Or find new opportunities.”

“And finally connecting, because that’s what recruitment is about. How we can do this better with AI is to make sure recommendations between companies and people, or rather jobs to people will become more relevant. Relevancy will make you trust the system more, and trust along with a personalized approach will help drive adoption.”

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