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Textkernel Module

Each Textkernel module empowers the process of
matching supply and demand in the job market


Textkernel’s Jobfeed labor market intelligence gives you the real-time job market data to make critical talent decisions.


Resume Parsing

Automatically turn every CV or social media profile into a complete and searchable candidate record.



Find the right jobs and candidates in your own database and in external sources.



Need to draw up a rapid shortlist of candidates or employees from your database to fill a job? Match!, semantic job matching, automates these processes.


Data Enrichment API

Help you standardize and enrich your job and skill data, making it better suited to your needs around searching, matching and analytics.

Why Textkernel

Invest in AI technology that works

Textkernel works with over 2,500 HR and staffing organizations worldwide to bring the latest in artificial intelligence technology to our customers’ fingertips. We work with companies across multiple industries delivering multilingual parsing, semantic search and match, and labor market intelligence solutions.

As industry pioneers we leverage over 20 years of experience to translate state-of-the-art AI thinking into technology solutions.