The Jacobson Group: ongoing collaboration key to success
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The Jacobson Group: ongoing collaboration key to success

Extract!, Search! & Match! in Bullhorn

Textkernel Search unlocks the value of Jacobson Group’s extensive candidate database

The Jacobson Group is the leading provider of talent to the insurance industry, with services including executive search, professional recruiting, temporary staffing and subject matter experts. With a 50-year history and more than 500,000 candidates in its internal database, Jacobson was looking for an AI-powered search and match tool to help them get more out of their database, find and place talent faster, and avoid spending unnecessarily on external sources.

“Through this ongoing, collaborative process Jacobson has seen Textkernel usage double, then triple quarter on quarter.” – Jennifer Shorr, Assistant Vice President of Operations, The Jacobson Group

Getting the right stakeholders in the room

In reaching its decision to adopt Textkernel, Jacobson consulted stakeholders across the business. These included the “power user” recruiters who used Bullhorn daily, right through to senior leadership steering company strategy.

Jacobson’s priorities in making its choice were Bullhorn integration, user-friendliness and customization. Any modern tooling, after all, must be easy to use. Meanwhile, the ability to customize the system was important as Jacobson operates in a niche industry (insurance) where candidates often have specific and uncommon skills. The company wished to test the tool to ascertain its suitability for its business niche.

Factors that led Jacobson to choose Textkernel

The following considerations were especially important to The Jacobson Group when determining the most suitable AI tool to assist its recruitment efforts:

  1. Ease of use, allowing Jacobson recruiters to rapidly adopt the tool
  2. A seamlessly integrated interface in Bullhorn
  3. The usability of search; allowing recruiters to find candidates under time pressure 
  4. The company wanted a solution that maximized their internal database of more than 500,000 candidates, rather than simply searching externally

Working together to improve result quality and drive user adoption

A particular takeaway for Jacobson from its experience with Textkernel has been the importance of collaboration. Jacobson has enjoyed easy access to Textkernel’s professionals, ranging from the Director of Solutions Consulting to discuss how to optimize filters, through to chatting with the Product Owner of Knowledge on ways to improve the Jacobson taxonomy and – as a result – the quality of niche-specific searches.

A Jacobson meeting with Textkernel’s Product Owner of Knowledge enabled it to better deal with the challenges it was experiencing for certain roles; the company wished to make sure the machine-learning piece could understand the nuances and overlap between insurance and finance.

This reflects the great importance and potency of the Textkernel partnership for Jacobson. Such close collaboration empowers Jacobson to move fast and get the right results, even in relation to areas not well understood in the general marketplace. 

It should be no great surprise, then, that after adopting Textkernel’s custom product, Jacobson saw its number of searches double in Q3 of 2020; which then tripled in the fourth quarter of 2020. It is an impressive demonstration of how Textkernel and Jacobson working together has driven user adoption.

Product spotlight - Textkernel in Bullhorn

The seamless integration of Textkernel with Bullhorn enables recruiters to find the best-matching candidates, faster. With semantic search, every recruiter can become a sourcing expert, finding talent in their database that was previously unseen. 

Our semantic search and match technology is used by 7 of the top 10 largest global staffing firms. It allows them to make placements faster and more efficiently, using the best search and match solutions in the market.

Give your recruiters the tools they need to optimize their workflow:

  • Automate shortlisting and sourcing
  • Use semantic search to ramp up new recruiters faster
  • Free them from “busy work” so they can refocus on the relationships that power your business

About Textkernel

Textkernel works with over 750 HR and staffing organizations worldwide to bring the latest in artificial intelligence technology to our customers’ fingertips. We work with large, global companies across multiple industries deliver multilingual parsing, semantic search and match, and labor market intelligence solutions.

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