Textkernel in Bullhorn – </br>our 2021 half year update!

Textkernel in Bullhorn –
our 2021 half year update!

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through 2021! With the world slowly recovering from a global pandemic, the staffing and recruitment market has bounced back in a big way and we’re back to tackling the challenges of candidate sourcing, candidate experience and digital transformation.

Over the last 6 months the Textkernel teams have been hard at work on our suite of products in Bullhorn, below you can see the latest updates from our product and marketing teams, as well as our customers:

Experience Levels

We now infer candidate experience level from parsing a CV/Resume or job description. This new metadata boosts the accuracy of matches between people and jobs. It also provides an additional insight dimension on which you can analyze your talent data.

For talent profiles, the level is inferred for the current field of work, which is represented on the Textkernel Professions Taxonomy. The addition of the new fields requires a re-configuration of your data model. If you would like your Extract and/or Search & Match account to be upgraded with Experience Levels, please contact your account manager.

Experience levels will also be added to Jobfeed later this year, so that you can analyze demand on this additional dimension in up to 10 countries.

Product update – Rank Web Response

Recruiters can now rapidly find the best candidates that have applied online for a given Job Order at the click of a button. The new functionality, called “Rank Online Responses”, provides Textkernel match results and ranks candidates who have submitted a Web Response (i.e. online application) against the Job criteria.

All new Bullhorn native integration clients will get this Job Order custom action enabled by default. Upon request, existing Bullhorn customers can have this feature added to their configuration at no added cost.

Whatfix guides

Recruiters now have access to Whatfix, a guided help section aimed at ramping up new users quicker than ever, as well as providing a knowledge base of useful content to ensure recruiters are getting the most out of Textkernel. Over the coming weeks, we will roll out Whatfix to all customers who can reach out to support in case they have any questions.

Happy Customers – The Jacobson Group and Textkernel

“Implementing Textkernel has anchored our recruiters in Bullhorn. Jacobson has half a million candidates we’ve built relationships with, and having better access to our database has been pivotal. We now have fewer recruiters going to outside sources first, because of the improved accessibility of our own talent.” – Jennifer Shorr, Assistant Vice President of Operations, The Jacobson Group

Read the full customer case on how Textkernel and The Jacobson group collaborated to unlocks the value of Jacobson Group’s extensive candidate database with semantic search.

Expert insight – Key learnings from our Myth-busting AI for staffing roundtable at Bullhorn EngageX

If 2020 taught us anything, digital transformation and AI are becoming more strategically important for staffing firms of all sizes. The question now is: what AI strategy will work for your business?

This on-demand session, recorded live at Bullhorn EngageX 2021, helps you separate fact from fiction and offers actionable tips from early-adopter staffing firms, as well as the marketplace suppliers working to improve AI for all.

Getting the most out of Bullhorn with Textkernel Semantic Search

Take just three minutes to discover how semantic search helps you find more candidates in your database, turning recruiters of any experience level into power sourcers!

Increase revenue at existing customers

Winning new business is a priority for any staffing firm, but how do you make sure you’re deepening relationships and increasing revenue with existing customers?

Have you read our latest eBook on Myth-busting AI for staffing firms?

AI and automation have gone mainstream. The question now is: what AI strategy will work for your business?

Get our latest eBook with learnings and actionable tips from early-adopter staffing firms which will help you separate fact from fiction and cover:

  • AI vs Automation for Staffing
  • The Pragmatic Approach to Adopting AI
  • Preparing for Pitfalls
  • The AI-powered Agency of 2025

Strategies for Post-pandemic growth

Textkernel and The Jacobson Group share how staffing agencies using Bullhorn can maximize growth as the market returns to normal in this on-demand webinar.

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