unlock the value of your candidate database

Sourcing in your ATS

Unlock the value of your candidate database

Companies often maintain substantial databases filled with thousands of applicants, candidates and employee profiles. But firms often overlook their own talent pool when initiating the recruitment process.

Problem: unsearchable data

Data in the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or CRM is frequently unstructured, making it difficult to search within. Recruiters miss out on this valuable source of candidates. Textkernel’s semantic search software (Search!), combined with its CV parsing technology (Extract!), structures and enriches all data and transforms your database into a searchable talent pool.

Integrated into your system

Search! can be integrated into any ATS or CRM. Its user-friendly interface will improve your search experience and help you find better profiles faster. Start using your database as an intuitive, active sourcing tool.

Sourcing in external sources

Not only can you find better candidates within your own database faster, you can also source from different external databases at the same time. Search! will give you access to professional networking sites (such as LinkedIn) and job boards (such as Monster) without having to leave your interface.

Automatic candidate recommendations

Not only will Textkernel’s software help you to better search your own database, its semantic matching software (Match!), can automatically provide you with relevant matches even before starting your search. Match! turns your job description into a search query and semantically searches your database and external sources for the best candidates. Alternatively, you can also match candidates to your jobs.

Unlock the value of your talent pool

Start sourcing in your ATS. Integrate Textkernel’s search and match software into your system and turn your database into an efficient and effective sourcing tool!

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