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“We rely on Textkernel to empower talent transformation with technology that supports our aspirations.”

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Textkernel works with corporate organizations worldwide to address technology and process-related challenges that are impacting the success of the HR organization. Our corporate customers turn to us to help address issues around:

– Enabling more internal mobility by connecting existing employee data to open roles, projects, opportunities
– Optimize talent acquisition strategy to ensure effectiveness of resources, increased resourcefulness in identifying talent within existing networks, and more conversion
– Enhance the candidate experience through technology infrastructure that empowers organizations to attract and convert more potential talent


“We turn to Textkernel to drive business efficiencies that allow us to profitably service our clients talent needs and differentiate ourselves from the competition.”

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Textkernel works with staffing and recruitment organizations worldwide to implement the latest in AI-powered technology that can drive more business efficiencies and effectiveness. Our staffing customers turn to us to help address issues including:

– How to source and match candidates and jobs with ever greater speed and accuracy
– Identify open vacancies to reverse match jobs to candidates
– Capture internal knowledge and domain expertise to ensure greater effectiveness across the organization


“We rely on Textkernel to supercharge our HRMS offering with AI technology.”

Partner with an AI powerhouse with AI as its core competency

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Textkernel has been a pioneer in developing best-in-class AI software since 2001. Why build your own when you can invest in AI technology that has been tried-and-tested by the most vigorous of assessments?

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Why Invest in Textkernel AI HR Technology?
We offer our partners the following benefits:

1. Document understanding technology that is fast, reliable and accurate.
2. Semantic search technology that provides talent recruiters with the ability to create broad and deep searches, ensuring no possible candidate is overlooked.
3. Superior matching technology that creates matches between jobs and people effortlessly, and automatically. Depending on how you custom-configure your environment, we can offer a range of options to build matches between jobs and people.
4. ISO 27001 certification means that we take customers’ data seriously and we are a reliable partner that you can entrust with your most competitive asset.