On-demand Webinar | Bullhorn Expert panel discussion

On-demand Webinar | Bullhorn Expert panel discussion

How to engage with clients and candidates in today's market?

A hot topic for many organizations today: how to engage with clients and candidates now that the market changed so drastically? Our partner Bullhorn called upon a couple of experts to share their thoughts in a panel discussion. Gerard Mulder, CEO of Textkernel, participated together with Joe McGuire from cube19 and Ryan McCabe from Odro.

The biggest change as a result of Covid-19

It comes as no surprise that the Covid-19 has changed the world in many different ways. But what’s the biggest shift for companies according to the experts?

Gerard Mulder: “Automation and the transition to digitalization of HR processes. Companies need to stay competitive within today’s new context, and they need to hire for tomorrow. This is were automation and digitization play a big role. Joe McGuire added there’s a shift from getting volumes of candidates to focus on quality candidates. How do you ensure that you place all your candidates, also the Silver Medal ones and other candidates that your recruiters have spent significant time and effort on?

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What can agencies do to get in a better position today?

Finding new business opportunities is now more important than ever. The ability to find other, similar companies to the ones that you currently work with or diversify into other sectors are key to remain competitive and are key to growth, says Gerard Mulder.

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