Welcome to Textkernel

Welcome to Textkernel

AI for HR is at our core.

Textkernel develops high-quality AI technology to understand, connect and analyze people and jobs.

Our customers choose our solutions over our competitors for a variety of reasons including:

We are pioneers in the industry.

With over 18 years of experience in translating state-of-the-art AI thinking into technology solutions, we have a deep understanding of the challenges in developing AI technology that can understand applicant’s information, create connections between people and jobs, and analyze millions of online vacancies per year.

We deliver AI technology that works.

Our offering has matured over the last 18+ years through a vigorous process of creation, refinement and reiteration of our processes, data and techniques. Our solutions have been put to the test and customers that invest in our solutions can attest that our results are meaningful and accurate.

We are a future-driven company.

We are here for the long-haul and strive to build solutions that meet the highest standards. And the bar keeps raising. Our solutions are driven by our strong R&D leadership who continually strive to bring our technology ever closer to human-level accuracy. We maintain strong ties to the academic R&D community so we can continually bring the latest in AI thinking to your fingertips.

We take your data security very seriously.

We are ISO certified. Why? Because we are handling our customers’ candidate data, which is highly sensitive in its personal nature and also business critical. We process millions of personal records a year, and we understand that our customers’ reputations and business competitiveness are in our hands.

Textkernel AI solution

We bring real business value to our customers.

Our customers invest in our solutions because they benefit from concrete business value. Or, as many claim, ROI. But don’t take it from us. Hear from our customers in their own words. [Link to customer cases, testimonials page]

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