Browser Support

Browser Support

Supported browsers

Only browsers and versions listed below are supported. On other browsers, the application may functionally work as intended, but Textkernel does not provide support for those.

Desktop browsers

The latest two major versions of each browser are supported* unless a specific version is mentioned below.

  • Google Chrome**
  • Firefox (including last Extended Support Release)
  • Safari**
  • Microsoft Edge
    • Microsoft Windows 10 or higher is required
  • Internet Explorer 11 (latest build only)
    • The new Jobfeed and External Search applications do not support Internet Explorer 11. Support for all other applications will cease on June 15, 2022.
    • Compatibility Mode and Enhanced Protected Mode are not supported
    • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or Microsoft Windows 8.1 or higher is required

* Functionally supported; there might be some slight visual differences between browsers, but these differences do not restrict product functionality

** These are browsers that block third-party cookies by default. These cookies are necessary for some integrations to work properly. Please read below.

Mobile browsers

Mobile browsers are supported for certain Textkernel applications. If the application is mobile-compatible, the latest two versions of iOS and Android are supported and the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome (iOS, Android)
  • Safari (iOS)
  • Firefox (iOS, Android)

Browser settings

Third-party cookies

Some integrations require third-party cookies to be enabled for signing you into the application automatically.

Google Chrome – Incognito Mode

By default, Google Chrome blocks third party cookies when in Incognito mode. When you have trouble signing in, please make sure third party cookies are not being blocked:


Safari blocks all third-party cookies by default. If you have trouble signing in, please use a different browser.


  • Javascript must be enabled
  • Cookies and Web Storage should be enabled and allowed
  • No static resources or (IP) addresses used by the application are blocked

Screen resolution

The lowest supported screen resolution for desktop is 1280 pixels (width) and 800 pixels (height). The application may still show properly on screens with a lower resolution although not supported.