Vind de beste kandidaten. In minder tijd

Vind de beste kandidaten. In minder tijd


Vervul al je openstaande vacatures, in minder tijd. Maximaliseer je ROI op je sourcing-inspanningen en stimuleer omzetgroei.

De uitdaging

In today’s highly competitive market, the pressure is on. Finding the right candidates and finding them first is a key competitive differentiator. At the same time companies often maintain substantial databases filled with thousands of applicants. But those are often overlooked when initiating the recruitment process. The reason? Unstructured data and a lack of good search capabilities.

Onze oplossing

Powerful cv-parsing technology Extract! structures and enriches all data and transforms your database into a searchable talent pool. AI-powered semantic search technology then helps you find what you mean, not just what you type. Our semantic search offering helps broaden you search with all synonyms and related terms, a Boolean black belt is no longer needed or extensive domain knowledge is no longer required. Every recruiter can be a sourcing expert! No suitable candidates in your own database? Search! allows you to simultaneously search external sources.

In need of a relevant short list of candidates based on your job description even before starting your search? Our semantic match technology does exactly that. Match! turns your job description into a search query and semantically searches your database and external sources for the best candidates. Alternatively, match candidates to your jobs and place all your candidates.

Het resultaat

  • Every recruiter a sourcing expert
  • Fill more vacancies, in less time
  • Improve your ROI on sourcing
  • Grow your business

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