Build a talent rediscovery recruitment engine

Talent rediscovery reduces time-to-hire and cost-to-fill recruitment metrics

In today’s labor market in which highly skilled candidates are hard to find, losing candidates in your HCM system is costly and time-consuming. Textkernel offers its customers a powerful semantic search solution that ensures that you can effectively surface more candidates that exist in your candidate database than standard search. These candidates may have applied in the past for another role and despite perhaps succeeding through multiple rounds of screening, have been ‘forgotten’ in your database.

AI-based talent rediscovery delivers your organization some tangible business benefits

  • Reduce candidate acquisition costs by first matching your open job requisition against existing candidates in your database
  • Reduce time-to-hire by eliminating the need to post vacancies, and screen new candidates
  • Reinforce your employer brand with candidates that have already gone through your processes once
  • Better leverage a talent pool that already exists at your recruiters fingertips
Candidate searching

Interested in a more 'AI-assisted approach'?

Textkernel’s Match! solution helps you build an automated candidate search query based on your job requisition.

Looking to dramatically enrich your talent database to rediscover more candidates?

Textkernel offers database enrichment and reprocessing of older candidate documents, so you can get the most out of your existing talent pool.

Textkernel AI solution

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