Faster and smarter recruiting within Salesforce

Revolutionize Recruitment with Textkernel's Salesforce Integration

Our Staffing and Recruiting Solutions for Salesforce help organizations to recruit faster and more effectively directly inside their Salesforce recruiting environment.

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Transform Your Process with Textkernel in Salesforce

Empower Your Recruitment Journey with Textkernel’s Salesforce Integration

Quickly adopt Textkernel’s suite, whether you are using a Salesforce-based ATS from a vendor, or building your own ATS on the Salesforce platform. With cutting-edge AI features, including multilingual parsing, semantic matching, personalized engagements, and labor insights, you’ll empower recruiters to make accurate job matches, efficiently place candidates, and effortlessly uncover new opportunities. Elevate your recruitment efficiency within the Salesforce environment and embrace a future of boundless possibilities with Textkernel.

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