On Demand Webinar | AI for Talent Acquisition – Deep Dive into Deep Learning

Deep Learning is one of the most common buzzwords in tech nowadays but, what does it mean for your company?

Deep Learning has revolutionized AI in the last decade. It has made AI algorithms much more powerful, and today we all use it on a daily basis: in search engines, in recommendations of your movie or music app, speech recognition (Alexa, Siri, etc), machine translation (Google Translate), and now in Talent Acquisition.

In this webinar, Vincent Slot will explain how we teach computers to understand human language through deep neural networks. We will explain it in Layman’s terms using real-life examples from the TA domain.

This webinar is designed for Talent Acquisition managers and directors who have an interest in AI and want to understand its practical applications.

No prior knowledge required.

Watch the recording now!

Webinar | Recorded on 10 June | 30 Minutes

About Vincent Slot

Vincent graduated from the University of Groningen with a master’s degree in the field of Artificial Intelligence, focusing on Information Retrieval. Specialized in solving matching and ranking problems in search engines, he has been working for Textkernel since 2017. Vincent currently leads the Search R&D team and is in charge of quality and innovation for Textkernel’s matching technology.