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Industry leaders with over two decades experience in developing AI-powered technology that meets purpose.

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Textkernel, Shaping the Future of HR Technology

At Textkernel, we go beyond innovation; we’re trailblazers in AI-powered solutions for staffing, recruitment, and HR processes. Our journey reflects our dedication to developing AI-powered technology that transforms data into meaningful insights, seamlessly connecting individuals with job opportunities, and supporting the modernization of the HR landscape.

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Guided by core principles:

Credibility, Performance, Innovation, and the Multiplier Effect

Our workplace culture is rooted in core principles that drive our success. Credibility, Performance, Innovation, and the Multiplier Effect form the bedrock of a culture that fosters innovation, celebrates collaboration, and embraces tangible results. With a diverse team spanning over 30 nationalities, Textkernel is a vibrant community dedicated to making a positive impact on the HR Tech industry.

Textkernel’s Leadership

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History of Textkernel

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Collaboration with Industry Leaders

Textkernel collaborates seamlessly with leading ATS and HR Tech providers, integrating with more than 100 technology vendors to power or enhance their solutions. Our strategic acquisitions, including Sovren, Akyla, WiseGuys, and Joboti, have not only enriched our offerings but also positioned us as industry leaders. The recent relaunch of our united brand symbolizes the successful consolidation and integration of solutions and teams from these acquisitions.

Data security and Privacy Assurance

We prioritize data security and privacy, implementing stringent procedures to handle our customers’ data with the utmost care. Proudly compliant with ISO 27001, SOC II, GDPR certification, the New York City AI Bias Law, and the upcoming European AI ACT, we ensure the highest standards of protection for your data assets.

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Join Us on the Journey

As a beacon of AI-driven excellence, Textkernel is continuously innovating to shape the future of talent acquisition & management, and HR technology. Join us on this transformative journey, where technology meets purpose, and together, we achieve more.

Discover the power of Textkernel—where innovation, diversity, and excellence converge to redefine the possibilities in HR technology.

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