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Optimize recruitment and talent management with Textkernel’s AI-powered technology

Streamline talent acquisition and talent management operations, and make data-driven decisions. Textkernel's advanced skills intelligence, labor markets insights, automated candidate engagement and matching technology help you attract, retain, and grow talent for your organization.

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Leading innovative solutions

In the competitive talent landscape, advanced solutions are essential for staying ahead of market and business demands.

Create the blueprint for powerful workforce strategies with our top-tier solutions. From seamless recruitment to optimized talent management, our solutions empower you to grow your business by automating labor-intensive tasks, enabling skill-based practices, enhancing candidate matching, automating candidate engagement and delivering invaluable insights.

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Solutions for business efficiency and growth


Skills-based practices, data-driven decision making, and efficient talent acquisition all demand innovative solutions. Our solutions provide automation, data accuracy, and comprehensive insights.  

Customer cases

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We offer candidates searching on our career portal a fast and easy path to relevant job vacancies. Our recruiting team benefits from more, higher quality candidates and less time spent qualifying [the candidate pipeline]. We are also more confident that website visitors don’t overlook any potential vacancy matches.

Marie Rosenberg

Team Lead Talent Acquisition

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