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Textkernel connects with industry leaders worldwide

Developing a global network of excellence

Textkernel delivers cutting-edge AI-powered technology to an exer-expanding range of collaborators – from local industry leaders to prominent international giants.

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Textkernel’s global partner network

Textkernel works with over a hundred innovative partners, ranging from dynamic local industry leaders to visionary international giants.

Explore our network of strategic partners and integrations that enhance the power of Textkernel’s AI technology. Together, we bring innovative solutions to the les technologies RH industry, creating a seamless experience for our clients.

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Marketplace Partners

Collaborating with market leaders

Enhancing the recruitment ecosystem

We cultivate strategic alliances with leading talent acquisition and management marketplaces to make our products easily accessible for seamless integration in their platforms. This empowers your end-users to enhance the connections between their candidates and job opportunities, all within a unified ecosystem.

Enhancing HR tech solutions

Value-added reseller partners

Textkernel is proud to collaborate with trusted technology providers who seamlessly integrate our software into their HR tech solutions, adding value for their clients.

byner logo


Byner’s innovative Salesforce solution is tailored for agencies specializing in staffing, secondment, temporary employment, and recruitment, primarily in the Benelux. Byner empowers its clients with our Source, Search, and Match solutions to drive rapid, efficient, and effective talent acquisition.

carerix logo


Carerix’s smart recruitment platform empowers agency and corporate recruitment teams to discover, attract, and align top talent with job opportunities. Our suite of products, including Source, Search, Match, Candidate Engagement, and Mid-Office Platform seamlessly integrate with Carerix’s platform to power recruitment needs.

cegid logo


Cégid develops cloud-based management solutions that empower customers to successfully execute their business projects and unlock new opportunities. Our recruitment automation solutions enhance the connection between candidates and job opportunities for a seamless and effective matchmaking process.

m|ployee staffing software logo


Mployee’s comprehensive staffing CRM and ATS solution is equipped with essential front and middle office features making it well-suited for high-volume temporary recruitment agencies. Textkernel’s automated recruitment solutions are seamlessly integrated in the platform, enhancing the recruitment process.

Mercury Logo


Mercury helps recruitment businesses leverage data and leading-edge AI technology for operational efficiency and growth. Leveraging Microsoft technology, Mercury enables recruitment businesses to maximize the potential of tools you already invest in, such as MS Office, LinkedIn, and Teams.

mysolution staffing software logo


MySolution collaborates with top-tier partners to offer a one-stop solution for recruitment and staffing agencies. As the worldwide leader in parsing, search, and match solutions, we enable effortless candidate understanding, rapid searching, and precise matching to expedite connections between individuals and job opportunities.

Trusted system partners

Platform integration partners

Our trusted system partners seamlessly integrate our products into your unique ecosystem to streamline your HR and recruitment technology. The result is a tailored, enhanced, and intuitive experience that enriches the way you work.

Integration partners

Collaborating with over 100 partners, our industry-leading technology companies seamlessly integrate our cutting-edge AI-powered technology to power and enhance their solutions.

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