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What is Textkernel?

Textkernel is an international leader in AI-driven solutions for parsing, data enrichment, and matching candidates and jobs. Textkernel enables thousands of recruitment and staffing agencies, employers, job boards, HR software vendors, and outplacement and redeployment agencies worldwide to work smarter and more effectively by creating efficiencies in the HR and recruitment process. Textkernel is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with satellite offices in Frankfurt, Germany, Paris, France, and Chicago, the United States.

With its global buy-and buy strategy, in 2020 Textkernel acquired US-based Sovren, a former competitor, to solidify the group’s position as a global market leader in AI-driven parsing and search and match technology. In 2022, Textkernel acquired Akyla and Joboti to offer even more value to our clients in mid-office platform solutions and candidate engagement.

How does AI empower Textkernel’s recruitment technology solutions?

Textkernel has successfully navigated and embraced AI advancements for over 20 years. With the rise of Generative AI, we proudly commit to the responsible use of language models (LLM) while ensuring the protection of customer data. Since Textkernel launched its LLM Parser in October 2023, Textkernel AI Lab has partnered with staffing agencies, corporate HR, and software vendors to unlock the potential of generative AI solutions for recruitment and AI.

To read more about Textkernel’s AI initiatives, visit our blog.

How much do your products cost?

Our pricing information can be found in the pricing section on the corresponding product page. Contact us if you have any further questions or need assistance.

How can I integrate Textkernel solutions in my existing ATS?

Textkernel solutions offer seamless integration options through our APIs or a UI integration, which can be facilitated by Textkernel directly or through one of our partners.

In which ATS and HR software providers can I integrate Textkernel’s solutions?

Textkernel partners with leading talent acquisition and management platforms to enhance recruitment and HR processes, including Salesforce, Bullhorn, SAP SuccessFactors, Byner, Carerix, Cégid, Mployee, and MySolution. The full list is on our partner page.

Additionally, Textkernel collaborates with reputable partners that help you integrate our solutions in your software system, such as Helpstone, Talent Peaks, and Projekt0708.


What products and services does Textkernel provide?

Textkernel is a global leader in AI-powered recruitment and talent management solutions, delivering multilingual parsing, skills intelligence, semantic search and match, labor market intelligence, and automated candidate engagement. Our suite of AI-powered products streamlines and automates various aspects of the recruitment and talent management process, seamlessly integrating with your existing HR technology. Additionally, we revolutionize staffing operations with a single portal for onboarding, time capture, time interpretation, and business process automation.

We support over 2,500 HR departments, staffing agencies, job boards, HR software vendors, and governmental organizations worldwide. Our innovative technologies help companies better connect candidates and jobs.

How are Textkernel’s solutions applied in real-world scenarios?

Textkernel’s technology can be tailored to suit a wide range of use cases, including:

  • Recruitment automation: Streamline candidate engagement, automate the application process, discover job alternatives, and create quick shortlists.
  • Sourcing and talent pool visibility: Find the best match by looking at candidates internally and externally.
  • Strategic insights: Gain a competitive edge by analyzing job market trends and adjusting your talent acquisition strategy.
  • Workforce planning: Evaluate internal talent and skills while analyzing and identifying skill gaps to prepare your workforce for the future.
  • Onboarding and mid-office automation: Enhance onboarding, time management, and talent management operations.
  • Staffing business development: Integrate real-time labor market data into your dashboard for informed business decisions that strengthen client relationships.


How does Textkernel ensure data privacy and security in its solutions?

At Textkernel, data privacy and security are paramount. We adhere to global data protection regulations and best practices, ensuring that user information is encrypted, stored securely, and never misused. We comply with GDPR requirements, are ISO27001 certified, have undergone a SOC 2 audit, and received a SOC 2 report.

How can I get technical support or training for Textkernel’s products?

We’re here to help! If you have technical queries or require training, you can reach out to our dedicated support team.

What are your terms of service?

Our terms of service for different products can be found here.

How can I contact Textkernel for general inquiries, sales inquiries, partnership exploration, or other business needs?

To embark on an exciting journey with Textkernel, contact us or request e demo. We look forward to connecting with you and exploring new opportunities and collaborations together.