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Customized to your requirements

At Textkernel, we embrace your unique needs, whether it’s finding top talent, eliminating manual data entry, implementing skill-based practices, or automating the full recruitment process.

We offer a modular approach consisting of products that can be combined, configured, and customized to tackle the challenges that matter most to your organization. Our suite of AI-powered products streamlines and automates the recruitment and talent management processes, seamlessly integrating with your existing HR technology.

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Solutions for every aspect of the HR and recruitment industry

Whether you’re a pioneering staffing agency, a forward-thinking HR department, a cutting-edge HR software vendor, or a community-supporting government organization, Textkernel’s versatile solutions empower you with the tools and technology you need to succeed.

Tailored to your unique challenges and requirements, our suite of solutions use a customized combination of products, services, and expertise to ensure you meet your objectives.

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