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Empowering HR Excellence: Textkernel and SAP SuccessFactors Integration

Embrace a more intelligent approach to Talent Management with Textkernel and SAP SuccessFactors.

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Intelligent Talent Management: Textkernel Meets SAP SuccessFactors

Explore a smarter approach to Talent Management

Empower your recruiting team with the best-in-class matching engine and enterprise-grade data security and regulatory compliance technology that is trusted by the top global recruiting specialists. Textkernel brings cutting-edge AI-powered semantic search & match technology to augment your current SAP SuccessFactors environment, and improves your talent pool visibility, management and enrichment.

SAP SuccessFactors customers can now use Textkernel’s powerful machine intelligence engine to match people and jobs. Our semantic technologies accelerate several HR workflow processes to improve your candidate experience and let your HR team deliver better results in less time.

Textkernel's 37 degree angle crop: a stylized image, featuring a cropped version of the brand's iconic 37 degree angle.


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