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With approximately 500 published requisitions at any given time, Rheinmetall’s recruiting team was challenged with providing a great candidate experience and being responsive to high-potential candidates. By leveraging Textkernel’s AI-powered search and matching capabilities, Rheinmetall can now Rheinmetall was able to reduce the recruiting workload, better match top-performing candidates to open vacancies, improving their overall hiring efficiency and candidate satisfaction.

The Company

About Rheinmetall

Rheinmetall AG is a publicly-traded German company (DAX:RHM.DE) that operates in two industry segments: defense and automotive. Rheinmetall has global operations focused on bringing environmentally-friendly mobility options and threat-appropriate security technology to market.

The Automotive sector commands a foremost position as a global first-tier supplier to the automotive industry for modules and systems. The Rheinmetall Group’s Defence sector is Europe’s foremost supplier of defence and security technology and a longstanding partner of the German Bundeswehr (Armed Forces).

Marie Rosenberg, Team Lead Talent Acquisition

“We offer candidates searching on our career portal a fast and easy path to relevant job vacancies. Our recruiting team benefits from more, higher quality candidates and less time spent qualifying [the candidate pipeline]. We are also more confident that website visitors don’t overlook any potential vacancy matches.”

THE challenge

Managing a high volume of candidates while ensuring a positive experience

Rheinmetall enjoys a reputation as a superior employer which attracts outsized volumes of candidates to published requisitions, in addition to large numbers of proactive, open applications. A significant number of these applicants are unlikely to be placed within the organisation, and yet, still require the attention and bandwidth of the recruiting team. Candidate-facing communication channels such as Linkedin or other local social media generate additional requests and submissions that the recruiting team is tasked with evaluating.

With approximately 500 published requisitions at any given time, Rheinmetall’s recruiting team was challenged with providing a great candidate experience and being responsive to high potential candidates.

THE solution

Automate resume parsing and improve the candidate experience

Embed Textkernel’s Career Portal Matching on the Rheinmetall career site to offer candidates the ability to quickly and easily find suitable job matches by uploading their CV. Candidates are served up not only direct job matches but also other possible roles which they may not have otherwise considered. This ensures that candidates leave the career portal with a sense of having thoroughly explored all options.

The ability to submit proactive, open applications when no suitable vacancies were identified would be reduced to only candidates with business-critical profiles i.e. engineering or IT profiles.

THE Result

Reduce the recruiting workload, better match top candidates, improve the candidate experience

Superior candidate experience
Applicants are now able to identify suitable vacancies and apply for interesting roles quicker and easier than ever before. Recruiters can now spend their time on developing better candidate relationships with business-critical candidates.

Improved pipeline quality
Bringing the candidate-job matching process forward to the career portal improves the quality of the candidate pipeline by ensuring only candidates with matching skills submit their application documents for review.

Reduced workload
The organization has shifted their legacy practice of accepting proactive applications from all candidates. Now this possibility is only available for select roles. This has dramatically reduced the workload of the recruiting team.

Intelligent social media networking
Responding to queries via social media channels has been significantly simplified, ensuring that the Rheinmetall team can enter into dialogue with higher quality candidates. The recruiting team can easily refer interested candidates to the new career matching feature on the portal that guides candidates to suitable vacancies.

Enable internal mobility
The new career portal matching is also available for Rheinmetall’s current employees, allowing them to better identify new opportunities within the organization. In-house career coaches can use the tool to ensure that employees are well-informed of the latest vacancies and don’t miss new opportunities.

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