Connect people and jobs

Accelerate the match between candidate and jobs

Your challenge and goal

In today’s candidate driven market finding the best candidate first is vital. However, it can be extremely hard to surface a short list of good candidates quickly. To solve this you’re looking to automatically turn a vacancy into a search and generate a shortlist of matching candidates to identify top talent faster.

Our solution

AI powered semantic matching accelerates the match between candidates and jobs, and vice versa. Match! automatically creates a search query from your job requisition or a candidate profile and finds the best matches in your internal databases as well as external sources. Or, directly guide applicants towards your most relevant vacancies based on their profile.

The outcome

  • Automatically turn a job requisition into a search and generate a shortlist of matching candidates
  • Improve internal mobility
  • Enhance the candidate experience by providing automatic job recommendations to incoming applicants, based on their profile
  • Improve your ROI on sourcing

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