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Academic Work: Sourcing in your ATS and a positive candidate experience

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Summary. What’s in it for your business?

Academic Work, a large staffing firm active in the Nordics, Germany and Switzerland, implemented Textkernel’s AI-powered parsing and sourcing technology to streamline its recruitment process and enhance the candidate experience. Academic Work can now seamlessly process candidate data, enabling them to identify and engage with qualified talent more efficiently.

The Company

About Academic Work

As a large staffing firm active in the Nordics, Germany and Switzerland, Academic Work realized their own internal database was a potential great source to find good candidates.

Mikael Granberg, Group Operations Specialist

Our recruiters are now making use of the valuable data we have in our own systems, which is strong proof that the implementation of Textkernel’s technology is a success. On top of that: cleaner data allows us to do so much more and will help us with all kinds of other projects in the near future.”

THE challenge

Unstructured data and lack of good search capabilities

To unlock the value they aimed to overcome two challenges: unstructured data and lack of good search capabilities. Furthermore, considering the different markets they operate in have different languages, requirements and terms, any new technology needed to support them across all regions and languages.

THE solution

Implementing AI-powered technology

Parsing AI-powered technology created a structured candidate profile with categorised data across all regions creating a foundation for a great source and match experience.
This search helps recruiters at Academic Work find the candidates they’re looking for, in both internal and external databases, across multiple languages. The technology has made the search more efficient and enables recruiters to focus on what they do best: making the human connection.

THE Result

Better sourcing in your ATS, find the top candidates faster, improve recruiters experience

Following implementation, Academic Work has seen Textkernel technology actively used to benefit both candidates and recruiters.

Meanwhile, fast and effective source and match fits into the recruiter’s workflow and helps them find great candidates without region or language barriers, improving recruiter experience.

And with clean, structured and searchable data, Academic Work is prepared for even greater enhancements in the future.

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