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Empowering public sector recruitment

Elevating Salesforce with Textkernel’s technology at Maandag®

Textkernel enhances Salesforce to support Maandag®’s placements in the healthcare, education and governmental sectors.

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Dedicated to public sector recruitment

For over 30 years, Maandag® has been the staffing agency of choice for the Dutch public sector, ensuring that healthcare, education, and governmental organizations perform with an optimized workforce. The company is also active in Belgium and Poland under the name Whoohoo.

Textkernel has been collaborating with Maandag® since 2016. The company already uses a variety of Textkernel’s solutions in their Salesforce environment, including Parser, Search & Match, and Labor Market Insights. Maandag® decided to add ‘Auto Match’, giving them access to Textkernel’s full suite of AI-enabled solutions.

“The ability to quickly search our Salesforce database with Textkernel gives us an edge.”

Mark Smits

Salesforce Business Analysis Manager and Product Owner, Maandag®

Maintaining market leadership for public sector recruitment

New market developments for the public sector, as well as the COVID pandemic, have led to recruitment for the sector changing significantly. In turn, these expectations have been passed onto vendors.

Maandag® is the reigning champion in public sector recruitment, but they’re not sitting back. Instead, they’re on a relentless quest to improve and innovate, driven by their commitment to their clients and their future. This led to us collaborating with them and integrating our AI-powered solutions in their Salesforce environment.

A solution to large data volumes

In the ever-evolving landscape of recruiting, AI has emerged as a game-changer. The client decided to integrate Textkernel’s Source & Match technology in SAP SuccessFactors to tackle our customer’s data backlog before navigating their large data sets to detect matches with a remarkable level of accuracy.

Source & Match operates seamlessly across 29+ languages (with our expects adding more all the time). What’s more, we are committed to security, complying with ISO 27001 for data protection. And, the solution seamlessly integrates with SAP SuccessFactor to empower the talent acquisition team.

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A successful collaboration

Faster, easier, and more accurate search results from Maandag®’s Salesforce environment with Textkernel’s AI-powered solutions.

At Maandag®, Textkernel is a collaborative partner, supporting the day-to-day business and development of their future vision. Textkernel’s solutions empower recruiters to work faster and with more accuracy by continuously enriching profiles, storing data in a structured way, streamlining specific search filters, providing invaluable re-training suggestions based on high-demand skills, and more.

Textkernel’s AI-powered solutions are even helping Maandag® as they compete for tenders, for example, by helping Maandag® to immediately demonstrate the number of potential candidates they already have in their database that meet the client’s requirements.

And the collaboration between Maandag® and Textkernel is more than just meeting goals, it also includes identifying new technical possibilities that will propel Maandag® towards an even brighter future.

“To be future-proof, we must increasingly operate in a data-driven way.”

Mark Smits

Salesforce Business Analysis Manager and Product Owner, Maandag®

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