How Maandag® made better use of their Salesforce database with Textkernel’s technology
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How Maandag® made better use of their Salesforce database with Textkernel's technology

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Maandag® is the staffing agency of choice servicing the Dutch public sector. For over 30 years, it has ensured that organizations within this sector perform with an optimized workforce. Every day, over 3,500 professionals support the work of healthcare, education and government sectors thanks to placements made by Maandag®. Maandag® has offices in 14 cities in The Netherlands. The company is also active in Belgium and Poland, under the name Whoohoo.

The collaboration between Maandag® and Textkernel was established in 2016. Textkernel solutions, Extract!, Search! and Jobfeed, are used within Maandag’s® Salesforce environment. Recently, Match! was also added to give Maandag® access to the full suite of Textkernel’s AI-enabled solutions.

The Challenge

Maintaining the lead

While Maandag® enjoys a strong reputation within the Dutch public domain, it is not the market’s sole provider. Also, due to a host of new market developments – in addition to the COVID-19 pandemic – clients have become more critical of potential vendors in their tender procedures. Thus, it is critical for Maandag® to continuously improve its services in order to maintain its leadership and future-proof itself as an organization.

In recent years, Maandag® has accumulated a vast amount of public sector knowledge. That, combined with a state-of-the-art technical platform that lets it match people and jobs quickly, contributes to the company’s competitive edge.

“To be future-proof, we must increasingly operate in a data-driven way.” – Mark Smits, Business Analysis Manager and Salesforce Product Owner at Maandag®


The Solution

Improved search options, better matches

Speed is essential in Maandag®’s market in which, for example, the absence of care workers or teachers is simply not an option. It is essential to be able to offer immediate and pragmatic solutions that ensure continuity in these essential public sector roles.

Maandag® has the ability to source professionals from its own database, which includes thousands of candidates. It also attracts and sources potential candidates externally that do not yet form part of its database. Previously, internal searches involved a mix of automated and manual steps. This was a time-consuming practice, and one in which suitable candidates were not always found despite being present in the database.

Searching Maandag®’s own database has been made dramatically easier and faster with Textkernel’s Match!. A recent example that highlighted the true power of Match! was the time-sensitive request of the Dutch Department of Health for professionals to operate COVID testing and injection facilities. Match! excels in matching people and peoples, including presenting various job description synonyms in a search, detailing a candidate’s previous employers, or highlighting experience in using specific systems.

Our solution is available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Discover how our AI-enabled solutions optimize Salesforce for Talent Acquisition and Recruitment.

Customer quote

"The ability to quickly search our database with Textkernels gives us an edge." -
Mark Smits, Salesforce Business Analysis Manager and Product Owner at Maandag®

The Result

Supporting the business objectives

For Maandag®, Textkernel is more than just a vendor. It’s a collaborative partner that thinks along with the business:  supporting both the day-to-day business and development of a future vision. Textkernel’s solutions empower recruiters to work faster and with more accuracy. Profiles are continuously enriched and stored in a structured way. Within the Match! module, Maandag® recruiters can add specific search filters, so the accuracy of matches continues to evolve and improve with usage.

Also, thanks to enhancements within Match!, a growing range of services have been launched to help candidates find a perfect match. One example of this is offering re-training suggestions based on skills in high demand within the market. Highlighting ‘skill gaps’ in this way provides candidates with insights into their job market attractiveness. Technical capabilities like this contribute directly to the business objectives of Maandag®.

“Textkernel is experienced in our sector, sees the relevant requirements and thinks with us.” – Mark Smits, Business Analysis Manager and Salesforce Product Owner at Maandag®

Strong competitive position

When responding to tenders for the public sector, Maandag® must consistently present a strong business case. The more convincingly the agency can meet specific tender document requirements, the greater its chance of winning the tender. In these situations, Textkernel’s Match! module allows Maandag® to immediately demonstrate the number of potential candidates already able to meet a client’s requirements in its talent pool.

Innovation together

Sector knowledge and data-driven work processes are key to the success of Maandag®. For that reason, the company works closely with Textkernel to continually identify new technical possibilities that help to achieve its goals. Textkernel thinks in a constructive way, outlining the various options based on planning, possibilities and budget.

Recruiting candidates

In addition to direct competition Maandag® faces from other staffing and recruitment agencies for assignments, the market for recruiting candidates is also very competitive. Being able to better source from its own existing talent pool makes Maandag® even more attractive to clients.

User adoption

While new technical solutions often seem good in theory, ensuring adoption within the organization can be challenging. Very often people have established ways of working that have become embedded over many years. They often need convincing and support in understanding the benefits of changing these practices. Maandag® as a business has been extremely pleased that many of its recruiters have not only adopted Match! as an important work tool, but fully embraced it.

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