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Want to search and analyse online job vacancies and turn them into usable data? You can with Jobfeed! See for yourself the advantages of this huge online job database. The advanced search technology and detailed up-to-date knowledge of the job market make Jobfeed a valuable information source, analysis resource and acquisition tool.

Specifications of Jobfeed

Jobfeed is available in several versions and boasts many useful features. The most common types and the main features are set out below. Would you like to know which type would best suit your organisation? Do you want to experience the application in up-close detail? Request a demonstration or contact us.

The Jobfeed portal

Search profiles and e-mail alerts

Jobfeed Analytics

Excel self-service

Jobfeed testimonials

Jobfeed is a valuable source of information and is already being used by a large number of recruitment and staffing agencies, job boards, outplacement and redeployment organisations, government bodies, job market analysts, and corporate recruiters. They are already enjoying the benefits provided by this unique analytical and acquisition tool. Read about their experiences with Jobfeed.

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