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Recruitment Agency Expo London 2024

Are you ready to future-proof your agency? Engage with pioneers and learn to navigate tomorrow’s challenges. Stay one step ahead, join us on 19 – 20 March 2024 at ExCeL London, where you’ll have the unparalleled opportunity to connect with thought leaders and innovators reshaping the industry’s landscape.

Date: March 19-20 2024 EXCEL London Booth: B30

Join Textkernel at RAE London and discover new ways to tackle today’s challenges, but also seize tomorrow’s opportunities!

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From Connection to Conversion: Leveraging WhatsApp for Competitive Recruitment

Wednesday 20 March | 14:15-14:45
Speaker: Grant Telfer

Stay ahead in talent acquisition by embracing the channels today’s candidates use. Traditional emails and calls no longer suffice, especially with Gen Z and Gen Y in the job market. WhatsApp provides a direct, efficient way to engage job seekers, with quick responses and high engagement crucial in competitive recruiting.

This session will focus on how WhatsApp can be a game-changer for recruiters, offering a direct and immediate way to engage with job seekers. Grant shares insights on how candidates prefer to communicate and what this means for your recruitment strategies.

Join Grant to learn how you can integrate WhatsApp into your recruitment process, making it faster and more in tune with candidate expectations. Grant will provide practical steps and show you how this approach can lead to better candidate experiences and more successful hires.


Connecting people and jobs better

In the competitive world of people placement, advanced solutions are essential for efficiency and growth, while ensuring client and candidate satisfaction. Unlock your potential with our composable product set, providing step-by-step guidance to build a modern technology foundation for current competitiveness and future growth. Our products elevate your insight into the talent landscape, convert your data into a valuable asset, and empower your staff to efficiently source and manage talent and customers. Join us at booth B30 and learn how we can help you connect people and jobs better.