Management Consultancy

Labor market and talent solutions for strategy and consulting practices

Premier consulting firms incorporate Textkernel’s offerings to compete for top talent and to augment their consulting deliverables with real-time, accurate labor market insights

Textkernel works with a range of consultancy and market intelligence organizations from boutique to global, top tier management consultancies. We work with strategic consultancies to solve a variety of challenges including

  1. Integration of our AI-powered solutions to drive your organization talent acquisition excellence.

  2. Incorporate real-time, highly accurate and reliable labor market data (either via a portal or API access) for use in customer deliverables, analytics reporting, workforce planning forecasts and models, etc.

Consultancies and other strategy firms benefit from:

  • Tried-and-tested artificial intelligence software and expertise, allowing you to focus on your own business-specific strength and customer value proposition;
  • White-label AI and market intelligence solutions that can be integrated, re-packaged and branded together with your own unique offering;
  • Labor market data that is real-time, de-duplicated and normalized and offers you highly accurate, high-quality jobs data across North American and European labor markets. Learn more about how your organization can benefit from Jobfeed.
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